Monthly Archives: July 2010

Early REALizations

The first month of the semester reminded me of some things.

1. Decisions demand responsibility.

Choosing her class means becoming seriously responsible. In a class that would determine whether one would graduate or not, procrastination must be a foreign word. Discipline, excellence and perseverance are what the subject requires. I chose this, and I must take responsibility of whatever decision I made, because if I don’t, I will break the hearts of those people I have made a promise to. And that promise is to graduate on time.

2. I am in UP.

Reading the weekly blog entries of my batch mates reminds me that I am indeed in UP. OrCom has done a great job. And I believe on our last year as undergrad students, our future OrCom experiences will really teach us and test us until we become ready and really equipped.

3. I am running out of time.

My grandmother and my aunt visited Manila to consult a doctor. I have noticed they have grown really old. I could remember the time when my Lola would chase me when I was a kid because I did something naughty. Now, I seldom hear her talk. I need to be rich soon, I thought. People who took care of me and my siblings are getting old. We want to show them that all the effort and time they sacrificed are all worth it. We want to give back before it’s too late.

4. Keeping my body healthy will really help.

There are many things to do, and keeping my body healthy will enable me to accomplish these things. I can’t afford to be sick when there are deadlines to beat every week.

5. I am not alone.

I am really thankful for the people around me. I think I am blessed to have friends, classmates, mentors, relatives, and a family who really make me feel that I am not alone.

6. Taking risks might be scary, but you’ll be thankful for it in the end.

7. I need to work fast. Or else I’ll be left behind.

When you cannot make yourself do assignments and projects earlier, find people who are really diligent and spend time with them. Diligence can be contagious.

I believe there are more REALizations to come. The school year has just begun. 🙂