NSM Marketing

“Nearly three-quarters of marketers have social strategy.”  This is according to Debra Aho Williamson, a Senior Analyst at eMarketer. With the illustrations below, we can see how more organizations are using social media in marketing their products and services.

Social media marketing is the process of promoting a product or service through social media channels.

The figures above describe current social media marketing in the US. With the statistics, we could infer that organizations in America have become seriously dependent on NSM.

Though this kind of marketing is already being used by a number of companies and organizations here in the country  “social media marketing in the Philippines isn’t in its peak yet. Most Filipinos are still in the consumer of the technology rather than user of it,” says Lloyd A. Luna, an Internet marketing specialist in the Philippines and Asia. According to him, the difference between the two is that consumers spend and users profit.  Users are aware of the benefits that social media can give, especially in businesses. These people also know that aside   from helping out the private sector in their marketing, social media is also a useful tool in promoting government agencies and non- profit organizations. They are also aware that social media is an avenue where they can promote themselves.  Users utilize social media to generate income.

There are practical reasons why organizations choose to market their products through social media instead of having TV commercials and billboards. Social media marketing is cost – efficient, it is engaging and it reaches a lot of people. Moreover, it is something that anyone can do. One just need to be equipped with some knowledge and skills to market through social media.

The Basics

The things one should know to be able to market using social media:

1. how social media works

2. what type of content/bait works for different websites

3.  what type of marketing strategy to adopt for a high possibility of success


Of course one first needs to know the sites/ social media  most often used and visited  by the target market. The next step would be knowing the basics of that particular social media. If one has unexceptional knowledge about how the social media works, he or she can maximize it.

The next step is to  decide on the content. This is dependent on the  type  of  content  which is known to really work in that particular site. One should also plan the strategy that would be more effective in generating discussions and attention from the target market. Organizations should also remember to treat people (both potential customers and not)  very well. Since social media connects a lot of people, bad news travels fast.


I have realized that in order to have a successful social media marketing, one should not only be knowledgeable of how a particular social media works. Strategies are as important as technical skills. Everyone can do social media marketing but not everyone can be successful with it. One needs to think what strategy will work best given the kind of channel and audience characteristics. As OrCom people, it is imperative that we wear our OrCom hats.


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