They are Kids and They Fight

I’ m facing a lot of problems right now and who isn’t? Well, like any other graduating student, I’m doing my thesis and busy finishing what is there to finish. When I go home, I do a lot of chores. I also have problems budgeting our allowance and sometimes dealing with my younger siblings. I’m busier now and more challenging problems are making my life harder. I can say that I’m facing battles right now and I’m running out of time since it’s almost the end of the semester. Well these are my life’ s battles, and sometimes I lose hope of winning these battles on time.

With a viral video requirement, I was able to realize how blessed I am despite the trials and complexities that life brings me. I was able to know people who are fighting the most difficult battles… at a very young age. Yes, I might be fighting for my diploma, but these kids who have cancer, they are fighting for their lives. And they too, are running out of time. There are times that they come face-to-face with death, yet they bravely fight. Who am I to complain about why things are this hard for me when kids with cancer are already fighting for their most important right, the right to live? They are only seven years old, others are even three. And I’m already 19 turning 20 next year! Oh my, I’m turning 20 next year? šŸ˜€

The Survivor turned Warrior

James Auste is the cancer survivor behind Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. The organization helps children, especially those who could not afford the high costs of medicine and treatments, avail of the proper care needed by cancer patients. James is a man of extraordinary faith and strength. He battled brain cancer and leukemia. Grabe lang talaga! It’s best if you read his story. It’s better if he’s the one telling it.


I was wondering why he seems familiar. Then I remembered that when I was a kid, he was the featured person in a Health and Home issue I was reading that time.


The Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc.

James’ mission is not to let anyone suffer and die of cancer. For ten years, Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc. has been helping kids, especially theĀ underprivileged, beat cancer.Ā Ā They believe that with an early diagnosis and proper care, cancer can be beaten.

Why help?

Because you are so blessed you don’t suffer from excruciating pain during chemo sessions.

Because you can play, go to school and live a normal life without worrying you might get weak.


Because you’re fighting for something but these kids, they are fighting for their right to live.


Because you can do so many things for them.


Because they need you.



Because kids should not fight cancer alone.


Learnings and Insights:

1. Your heart for those who need help is very important but this feeling must be translated into action because without action, passion is dead.

2. I should develop the skills I need in order to produce a good output, an excellent one. This way, I could help better. This is making myself better for others. There are instances when we could have done better but because of lack of the necessary skills and experiences, we were not able to do our very best.

3.Ā  Your heart for those who need your help will make you learn those skills you lack and encourage you to take the risk of experiencing what you need to experience. Sometimes, that genuine feeling of wanting to help remains the only motivationĀ  why you continue despite of what you see around. Do not let that desire go.


This is the video we made for CWF. It tells us that everyone can do something.


We are running out of time. Please visit Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. now.


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