I am your NO.1 Fan

There are too many dumb fan pages on Facebook and there’s a fan page about these dumb fan pages!


Fan pages have been a popular tool used by celebrities, organizations and even people who just want to have fun. If there’s something that really benefits from this tool, it’s the private sector. They are those who use fan pages to increase their bottom line by engaging people and identifying them with their brands.

Why make a Fan Page for your brand?

Here are some of the reasons why your brand needs a Facebook Fan Page.

1. Your target market is on Facebook.

Simple. Go where the fish are.

2. Compared with TV ads, it’s a lot cheaper.

3. It’s more effective

It allows information dissemination + feedback generation + individual promotion to the target audience

4. You’ll be a loser if you don’t have one.

If your target is on FB and you still don’t have a fan page, then you’ll lose against your competitor who has already one.

5. Your customers want to be  engaged.

6. Fan Pages can reach millions of potential customers and brand advocates.

7. Your brand needs to be talked about.

What makes a KILLER Facebook Fan Page?

1. Content


Pringles is among the 5 brands who have killer Facebook Fan Pages. I love Pringles! Pringles has 4 892 671 fans already as of today. One unique thing that could be accounted for this huge number of fans is the videos posted in Pringles’ FB page. This is according to the Killer Facebook Fan Pages by Callan Green. To verify, I checked the videos. Yes, their videos were entertaining and cool! Haha. That made me like their page too. 🙂 Among my favorites are Pringle Bells, Pretty Pringles and Pringles Jump Around.


Here are 10 content qualities that can make your video go viral.

1. Make a parody/spoof or something similar.

2. Incorporate music.

3. Make your video very short.

4. If you use music, keep it uptempo.

5. Edit you video into sharp, quick scenes.

6. Be funny to people other than you.

7. Don’t get stuck on quality.

8.  Be bigger than life.

9. Shock your audience in the first five seconds.

10. Remove as much corporate friction as possible.


From 10 Qualities That Can Make Your Video Go Viral

By Rebecca Corliss


Pringles’ videos are not that funny. It’s not the type that will make you laugh out loud, but it’s light and comical. Simply put, the videos are not boring. There is also a good choice of music allowing a smooth transition from one scene to another. Like what is suggested above, the videos are also short.

Good videos among others, make a fan page successful. If a page has excellent videos, fans are more likely to share these videos to non- fans who if pleased will more likely click the like button 🙂



Coca- Cola has 12, 018, 468 fans! What is notable about this brand’s fan page is the photos uploaded by the fans and the creator of the page as well. These photos show how Coke becomes part of every occasion, experience and even the usual activities of its fans/ consumers. The fact that the page is created by two coke fans also makes the page owned by the community who loves Coca- Cola. It’s different when the fans seem like owning the page. Of course, coke does its part too. Responding and engaging should not be neglected just because millions of fans are already voluntarily participating.

2. Updates

For Starbucks, “their updates share videos, blog posts about all aspects of coffee — and not just on the official company blog — including how to grow coffee beans, articles about Starbucks and Starbucks employees. The tone of each update is informative and casual, and even their product updates are kept varied enough to remain interesting, for example, by offering up reviews of new music or books for sale in their cafes.”

Fan pages should not only be updated when there is a  new product to be launched or when there is crisis to be solved. What made Starbucks join the 5 Killer FB Fan Pages is its ability to give updates that involve not only the product but also the things that they thought would be helpful to the fans. A good update is something that is new and interesting to the audience. In giving updates about new product features, brands should address how the new feature can help the fans in their daily lives. The fans should see the relevance of these updates to their daily lives.

3. Maximizing

A successful fan page is one that is able to promote the brand’s other activities and campaigns. Organizations should maximize their fan pages using it as tool in their other advertising campaigns and activities. Adidas for example reached lots of fans and non-fans by promoting the contest they sponsored on their FB Fan Page. They were ale to use their fan page to create a buzz about a contest they sponsored and since their target audience were active Facebook users, many got interested.


adidas Host with the Most Contest adidas Host with the Most Contest

4. Creativity

What accounts for Red Bull’s 8 million fans is the creativity of the applications and games that its page has. The games are targeted to teens and college age individuals, the same group of people they have as consumers. Aside from cool apps, Red Bull also incorporates tweets from their Twitter account into their Facebook Fan Page. Also seen in their FB Fan Page are tweets of famous athletes whom the fans are interested to interact with.


has excellent content

banks on creativity

facilitates interaction and engagement

updates fans

is maximized



Facts from the Killer Facebook Fan Pages


4 thoughts on “I am your NO.1 Fan

  1. Statistics say that Twitter followers are better than Facebook fans. Check this article: http://tinyurl.com/followersvsfans

    Honestly, I believe that Twitter followers are better. There’s something about Twitter that highly encourages conversations and frequent replies. Maybe it’s the… absence of the “like” thingy? Because in Facebook, the tendency is to like certain posts but you have the option to not comment. But in Twitter, since there’s no like button, you really have to reply to the tweets of the one you’re following, then the owner of the profile will reply, then you would reply back.

    Here’s a quote from the article I linked: “Facebook is for the people you know while Twitter is for those you want to know.”

    (Isn’t it obvious that I really abhor Facebook pages?! HAHAHAHA.)

  2. Hmm looks like corporations must really plan out their fan pages really well eh? There has to be this and that. You have to do this and that. Hello pressure! haha 😛 We all know that the hard work will be worth it as soon as they get their consumers’ loyalty right? and also the bottomline. :> Your last sentence says it all. Let’s hope that companies can read your post! 😀

  3. Hi Kim! I like your entry about the things that could make a video go viral. indeed, some videos are trying too hard to become viral. But what makes a video become viral is the fact that it tells the audience something worth “listening to” and of course, sharing to their friends.

    Creating a viral video is not easy, but with always keeping your target audience in perspective, there is a bigger chance of a viral video being a success. 🙂

  4. The things you mentioned up there can be done not only by rich brands like Coke and Adidas but even small corporations too. Competition is easy when you have a successful fan page like them. All it takes is a good plan and creativity with a human touch. Because as we all know in 152, no one likes to talk to a robot. (And a bot does not reply either). I think companies should tell Facebook to change the function of Like. There is a tendency that a brand appears and we just click like because we do like it. But we don’t visit the page – we don’t see what’s new unless we click on the link or image. What Fb should do is to open the link in a new window once the Like button is clicked. That guarantees companies that what they pay for is actually getting exposure.

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