What I’ll Blog About in the Next Five Years

The sem is almost over and everyone’s almost done with their blogs. 😦

Though not everybody, I’m sure some will miss this activity, right?

We can’t really tell 🙂

Next year will be the turning point and the coming years will be different, challenging and exciting as well that’s why I have planned to document what I want to do during those years.

This is step 1: Sharing the world what I’d love to do 5 years from now.



1. Ultralight Flying


I would love to fly!


It’s pretty expensive to enroll in flying lessons but if I have extra money, I’d love to try. e- Philippines offers Introduction Flight for those interested and I would love to earn money for that experience. It’s a bit expensive though.


2. Food Trip




I know how to make some of the common Filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang na baboy and tinolang manok but I think I need to improve on my cooking. Haha. One of my future plans is to travel and visit places, experience their culture and taste different kinds of food. Of course, I’d start exploring the Philippines first and then Asia and maybe  the world. Haha. It seems very idealistic and expensive but I’ll make time planning and working for these. And making money is of course one of the requirements for these dreams to be realized.


3. Blogging and bragging about home

Speaking of travel and tourist destinations, I would also like to be a tourist in  my own home island. I actually live in a small island municipality in Romblon but I am guilty of not being able to really explore the beauty of my own home 😦  Before visiting other places, I believe it’s more important to know your own first. This is why I would like to tour our place first and learn more about our culture. By understanding and appreciating my own, I believe I can better understand and value what other places and cultures have to offer. There is not much information in the internet about our place that’s why I think it needs more exposure and promotion. I believe this will be the application of what I have learned in 152! Yes! Haha. I’m already excited!

To give you a preview of what my post (maybe after graduation) will be, here are some pictures.


that's our house over there!




a beach in one of our barangays


There are also caves in our place and I’ve heard they’re really ancient. Don’t worry, I’ll be showing some pictures after my tour 🙂


4. Bungee Jumping


adrenaline rush it is


This exciting experience is what I want to have before I die. Not really minutes before I die because it might be the case that I’ll die while bungee jumping! The experience would be something interesting to blog about.

These are the things I would love to do in the coming years and I hope to share it with you through status updates, blogs, photos and videos 🙂 I just hope I would have time to do all these things (hello corporate world!). There will definitely be new types of social media five years from now and I believe we would  still see each other in these future social media types. For those who would keep on blogging, happy blogging guys!


3 thoughts on “What I’ll Blog About in the Next Five Years

  1. oh, i’d love to read those blogs five years from now, kimmy!:) it’s so comforting to know that though we might not be seeing each other then as often as we do now (emo?), i would still be able to see, read and be updated with what’s going to happen in your life. Thanks to New Social Media! 🙂 Haha. This is starting to sound like a NSM commercial! :)) Still, I know everyone would love to be updated with everything and good thing, NSM is just always there. 😀

  2. I also have my own list of things I want to do in the next five years! 🙂 And yes, I believe I’ll be writing about them at that time–perhaps in a blog. It’s great how the Internet allows us to share easily with others what’s going on in our lives. 🙂 And experiences like this make for the best ones to share! Truth is, right now I’m getting ready to move my personal blogs to a more permanent blog address. 🙂

  3. This post is very much inspiring, Kim! 🙂 I actually have things that I wanted to do but I haven’t written them on paper. Soon, I will. Thanks for our OC152 class, I am intriduced to the idea of blogging, not just of Communication Trends and Styles, but also of the different facets of my life. In the future, I know I’ll be able to leave a digital footprint. 🙂

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