What Awaits Me

One of the many reasons why communications experts are needed by today’s organizations is that employees, managers and CEOs are busy doing their own job. They are busy doing the technical things. They are busy managing people and they are busy running the company. They are so busy with their individual or group tasks that they need someone like communications experts to connect them to one another and to connect what they are doing to the outside environment. They need people to tell the external environment the kind of products they are developing and the ideas they are coming up with. Organizations need to inform the world. Organizations are busy with their operations and they need to connect with the ones whom they are working  hard for. This is why organizations need communications experts like us.

There are a lot opportunities out there to communicate and connect with the organization’s stakeholders. With New Social Media around, we are provided with tools which if maximized can be really helpful to our brands. Maximizing does not mean using all of these social media. One should always remember the audience, the purpose and the possible effects before deciding on the type of NSM is to use. Maximizing means exploring every possible feature of  the appropriate tools/ social media to reach these stakeholders. It also implies combining these modern tools with the traditional ones whenever necessary. We should not also forget the purpose of this new kind of tool which is to engage people and be engaged as well.  As we apply what we have learned about  new social media and organizations, we should not forget the values and the lessons that were taught by the case studies, by our professor, by this blogging activity and by our class interactions. We should not forget because next year, we might be needing them already. The tools today might be different and these  will surely keep on evolving but the same ethical principles still apply. DON’T LIE, BE TRANSPARENT AND RESPECT OTHERS. Actually, these values are the same values we were taught in kindergarten. These values will guide us not only in our online interactions but in our life’s journey as well.

I believe we’re ready for our first year in the corporate world!


5 thoughts on “What Awaits Me

  1. Indeed, communications experts LIKE US are very important and indispensable in organizations. They need us, as what you have emphasized in this post. This makes me feel excited about what we’re soon going to do. 😀 It also makes me feel a bit pressured realizing that a lot of the org’s indispensable processes will soon be relying on our very hands. Good thing we’re already trained, equipped and continually being polished to be good communications experts! 🙂

  2. Transparency really is important for an effective communications campaign. 🙂 I think that for communications experts to become as essential as they are now, they’d have to create ways by which they can have an honest and sincere interaction with customers. For us to be entering the workforce during this time of shifting communications style is very fortunate I think for we will be able to influence much of what happens from here on out. The SNS is our new tool and with these, we would take the communication world by storm – anybody with creativity and genuine intent to improve the communications field for the better, can. 🙂

  3. True, Kim. We should not forget the values that we have because of the fascination that we have for NSM. Those have been instilled within us even before we learned to eat on our own. Instead, we should bring it in and combine it with the current trend. We must have a respectful and ethical mind. 🙂

  4. Yes, Kimy. Indeed, we should NOT LIE, BE TRANSPARENT AND RESPECT OTHERS. I guess, that is one of our competencies as OrCom practitioners. We are trained to fully maximize the communication tools that organizations have. At the same time, we are trained on how to design communication strategies that would bve of benefit for organizations. And yes, we are ready for our entry to the corporate jungle! 🙂

  5. CEOs need communication professionals nowadays, not only because they are too busy, but because the company needs people who are experts and professionals in their specific field. Communication grads will be in demand today, especially with the changing times. And yes, I agree,nothing beats those who fight fair, and those who value honor and respect.

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