The Final Lesson

Finally, the sem has ended. At least now, I can have a good sleep. Last night was really tiring and challenging as well. It tested my patience in dealing with people. The final activity has tested my character.

How can you not answer back when you feel like your character is being assassinated? How will you deal with people who normally feels like joking you around even to the point of hurting your feelings already? How can you remain calm when people are already shouting at each other in front of you? How can you feel light when people around you are all feeling heavy? How can you hope when you feel like crying?

This is what I have learned during the past few days: Remember who you are

I have learned that character is  who you are under pressure and under temptation. Although people have been difficult to deal with these past few weeks, I’m glad I survived. Thank you Lord for reminding me of who I am.


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