Monthly Archives: July 2011

Right now, I feel like jumping in a cliff. I want to detach from everyone and just spend some time alone with myself. I want to scream. I want an outlet. I want to vent out.

I’m tired of carrying a lot of things. I’m tired of what’s happening in my life. To be exact, I’m frustrated and depressed with a lot of things right now. I’m frustrated because I can’t move forward with my life. My classmates have jobs already. They’re starting to reach their dreams and establish themselves in the marketplace. I wasn’t troubled before. I would say I know God has plans for me. Now, I don’t want what’s happening anymore. I want to move forward. I want to move up. I have realized that I need to do a lot of work. I need to find a job, maintain the house and finish it. I need save money for my parents’ healthcare, buy them a car and take care of the business back home. I also need to make myself better in many areas. I need to learn how to budget my time and money. I need to become a more effective communicator. I need to become a more effective leader. I’m frustrated because I’m having a hard time doing those things. I want change. I want a drastic change in my life and all I could pray about is for that change to take place already.