She’s one cool woman. There are times when she would call and ask, ” Inggay it nagpapangrayaga sa imo? (May nanliligaw na ba sa’yo)?” I would just laugh and tell her I’ll have one at the right time.

Mama has a unique habit. She wakes up every 3 or 4 in the morning everyday to think, to pray and to cry her heart out to God.

She is emotional. When we have these serious conversations about our family, about life about what they’ve gone through, she would be carried away and silently cry. During my graduation lunch, she shed a tear when I looked at her and thanked her for sending me to college. I had to crack a joke after.

She’s also objective. She’s not easily affected by what other people says. She is not easily offended nor dismayed. Despite the possibility of losing face, she still pursues. That’s one of things I admire about her.

My Mom is someone I can boast to. I often tell her how mightily God works in my life, how I’m changing and becoming braver in living my life here in this city with one OC sister and a phlegmatic brother. That’s my way of assuring her that they do not need to worry about us. We’ve become independent since we left our hometown to study here in the metro and giving them a call every now and then makes them feel what they have to say is still important despite us being able to live life on our own.

Mama is also someone I could talk to about family concerns. I share my hopes and fears with her but mostly it’s sharing positive and hopeful thoughts about the future. We talk about how we’ll work together to ensure that things will run smoothly for the family. My Mom and I, we’re strategic planners. My Mom is my partner. Talking to Mom, I have to remember to be always a source of encouragement.  I am very careful with my words. I have this role of reassuring her that everything will be great. She has this habit of panicking easily and talking a lot when things seem out of control (like when something unusual happens to her email). Thanks to my relationship with the Lord, I can become a blessing to her through my words and actions. I walk her through the step – by – step process of solving whatever there is.

The Lord is faithful because for 8 years of living apart, my Mom and I were able to share very meaningful moments. We braved the flood during a typhoon because we had to leave the house for a training. We experienced the best and worst hotels. She would always bring me to where they were staying during seminars, save me food and allow me to stay for the night with her roommates. We went to Atty Madrona together to talk about the case of the house and the actions we would take. We went to PCSO together to fall in line at 5:00 a.m. We skipped the boring and long ceremony during my sister’s graduation and went to the on-going festival nearby. We would pray together. That’s how I learned about her very deep faith in the Lord. My Mom, she’s the strongest. Right now, she lives alone in our home in the province because my father started living with us for dialysis.


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