A Series of Miraculous Events

              A Series of Unfortunate Events is a series of 13 novels about all the bad things that three siblings encountered after their parents’ death. I haven’t read the books but the title caught me. I realized it’s the same with what some Filipinos believe — Kapag nasimulan ang malas, tuluy-tuloy na yan.  Last Sunday, this truth confronted me — Your miracle today is a set up for your next miracles.

Family Restoration. This is just the first.

You are currently fixing things in my family. You heal, You restore, You renew. You make ugly things beautiful. Before you  restore riches and material things, You first restore relationships. Just recently my siblings fought over something petty. They almost hurt each other, but You used the situation so that their broken hearts would be mended and healed.

Seeing your siblings fight and shout at each other is like seeing the enemy flash that devilish smile. You can’t stop them because you don’t have the voice, literally.That time, you couldn’t speak because your throat was hurting so bad. Bad timing it was for you, but it was part of His plan. Even if you could speak, you know that anything you say will not fix, not what you’re currently witnessing but what has been hurting them inside, for so long. All the guilt, fear, regret, burden and hate were exposed.

It was a night of redemption and restoration. My sister genuinely repented and in humility, asked forgiveness for the pride that consumed her. The very thing that I was praying and crying about for a long time finally came to pass. That night, she was freed from the stronghold of fear, doubt, self-condemnation and pride. That night, while they were fighting, I didn’t say anything, I just asked God to move. When you surrender your circumstances to God, you will see Him work mightily. Before your very own eyes, He will mend the hearts of those you love.  heart


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