Monthly Archives: March 2016



I want to be a better facilitator. And this desire is not because of my desire to be praised and known. I want to be better because I know that I could help people by doing my best in the field that I am in. Lord, you have strategically placed me in this organization because You know that I can contribute. Lord, remember the moment I applied for the position. I didn’t even know that Philippine Seven Corporation is 711. I didn’t even want to apply as a Training Specialist. I remember that time, I was just so desperate to find a job because we don’t have money and I cannot give a large amount of offering even in my heart I wanted to. Lord remember, when I took the exam, it was so cold because Betti turned the aircon to cool. It was at 11th floor Slurpee Room. And when I was interviewed by Mam Annie, she advised me to wear formal attire next time and fix my hair. And when I was invited for the second interview and presentation, I didn’t have a topic then. I didn’t even have my own laptop and because Ate Tin was so kind-hearted, she lent me hers. It was a red laptop. The presentation was inspired by my desire to add value to those who will hear. From the very beginning, the reason why I chose to accept the job was God’s promise that He will use me and my job to add value to the lives of other people.